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The POst Endoscopy Tumours

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POET Study Documents:

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Expression of interest

STRATA invites all medical students in their clinical years, junior doctors and consultants to become POET collaborators

All collaborators will be included as PubMed-citable co-authors on resulting publications. 

What is the POET Study?

POET is an national, multi-centre, retrospective observational cohort study investigating the rates, causes, and management of gastrointestinal cancers occuring soon after a previous endoscopy.

What the study involves:


POET is a retrospective study to determine the rates and characteristics of post-colonoscopy colorectal cancer and post-endoscopy upper gastrointestinal cancer. 

It is critical that local teams work both with the steering committee and local data centres to ensure that eligible patients are not missed. Data extraction strategies will be explored at each centre on a case-by-case strategy with help from the steering committee.

Study roles:

Local leads

The local lead will be responsible for

  • Data request at local hospital to supplement national data

  • Locality approvals at local hospital

  • Coordination and recruitment of local teams

  • Liaising with supervising consultants

Supervising consultants

Supervising consultants will oversee study participation at each centre and aid local study approval processes

Data collectors

Data collectors will work with local leads to complete data collection

The study is being delivered by the STRATA collaborative with support from Te Kohinga Ora Aotearoa Clinical Trials. The study leads are Dr Christopher Harmston and Dr William Xu (


If you have any further queries please email us at or contact the study email at

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